Troubleshooting the cron not completing

If you are not receiving the daily cron digest email or you're seeing a message such as the one below in the Help > System Health Status overview page, this usually indicates the cron is failing to complete successfully.

Verify the cron is running

Begin by navigating to Setup > Automation Settings to verify the cron is running. There you will see 3 possible statuses. If the cron is being invoked, you will see a green Ok status indicator as below. If you see a Not Ok or Not Configured message, please refer to Verify your System Cron is being invoked

Verify the Daily Cron is starting

Begin by navigating to Utilities > Logs > Activity Log.

Select the Search/Filter tab (1) and then enter "Cron Job:" into the Description field (2) which will restrict the activity log entries to just those relating to the cron. Click Filter Log to perform the search.

The resulting list will show all cron related entries. If you do not see a Cron Job: Completed entry last of all, this indicates the cron is not reaching completion. The last entry in the log will indicate the point at which it is failing.

Please open a ticket supplying that information to us for further assistance.

The next guide shows help to identify the cause of the cron failing to complete, obtaining this information will enable WHMCS technical support to assist you faster.

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